My sweet young bride, Susan, is beginning to get use to the fact that her new “slightly more elderly” husband came to her completely outfitted with five children (several of whom are almost her age) and nine grandchildren, 

ranging in age from eight months to 18 years. Sue, by the way, never had children of her own. I picked up my granddaughter, Alisa, after school the other day for a promised “date.” At her request we went to Starbucks. We had a good time and laughed about everything from her older brother and his girlfriend to our differences in music. One thing we chuckled over was that I feel Alisa talks too fast and too softly for my slow hearing. She said that, in her opinion, her speech is normal and I need to speed up my hearing or turn up the volume. (I do not wear a hearing aid.) Hey, considering the mountain of things a 71 year-old grandpa and his 13 year-old granddaughter might or might not agree on in this day and age, our time together was fun. I think they call it “quality time.” And she is certainly a “quality” young lady.

Speaking of grandkids, let me tell you about my grandson, Tyrell, Alisa’s 18 year-old brother. My new bride, Susan, had never before enjoyed the experience of being around teenage grandkids. Shortly after she and I were married we got a call from Tyrell. “Hey, Grandpa,” he said. “Do you think “Grandma” Susan would make some of her famous brownies for me?” I told him I would let him talk to Sue about that but I cautioned him not to call her “Grandma.”

“Tyrell,” I said tactfully, “your grandmother is in Heaven now so you can just call Susan by her name. I don’t want to be between you two if you call her “Grandma!” He understood, I handed the phone to Susan, and they had a great first conversation. Later, when I explained what Tyrell had said to me at first, Susan laughed her head off.

Another time, when Tyrell came to visit with his girlfriend, Rachel, he went straight to the fridge, stood there with the door open, and asked, “What’s good to eat?” Later, Sue asked, “Does Tyrell always do that … just go to the fridge and help himself?” “Most of the time,” I told her. “He’s 18 and a grandson. You’ll get use to it.”

Now Sue and I keep a gallon-sized jar filled with candies on the counter, primarily for the grandkids. We also have a stash of various fruits, cookies and “goodies” in the fridge and freezer for any and all kids who might show up.

Lord bless and keep ‘till next time,


This sample of my writing has been taken from, Victory, my novella on How To Make Your Dreams Come True.

WHHHOOOOOSSSHH! In an instant they lifted from the water and soared like an eagle up into the clouds. Once there they cruised in and out among the pink, purple, and white cotton mountains, whistling Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah together and snapping their fingers to the beat as they sailed along.

The Atlantic Ocean, far below, had become a great army with wave after wave of soldiers dressed in emerald green and white, fighting to make their way ashore. But the rugged Maine coastline was winning the battle, as it always had.

In history class Rich had studied some famous men from the state of Maine. “Men of grit and granite, like Mr. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain,” Miss Hurley had said. Those who had gone to war, “To keep the enemy in their place and keep our shores free,” as Grandpa had put it. That hardy coastline reminded Richie of those men.

Rich leaned over the rail and watched a couple of toy boats moving slowly up the coast. Then he realized, “Hey! Those aren’t toys!” His stomach did a major flip-flop and his legs got wobbly so he sat down and looked away.

After several minutes Victory asked, “Are you okay?”

“I think so, but that’s sure a long way down.”

“Nonsense!” She dismissed that with a flip of her hand. “It isn’t any further down than it is up!”

He wrinkled his nose. “Huh?”

“And you certainly aren’t afraid of falling UP, are you?” With that the old ship rolled completely over, or at first it appeared to Richie that they were upside-down. “There! See, you aren’t falling UP.”

He peeked at everything again. Holy Cow! Now the ocean and coastline were — ABOVE THEM? — and the sky, far below. The earth and sky had traded places, but the old ship was still right side up, or so it seemed!

“WOW! How’d you do that?”

“Nothing to it.” She grinned as though she’d really pulled one over on him. “Just remember, it’s all in how you look at a situation that determines whether it’s a problem or not.” Then she chuckled and added, “And it’s always as far up as it is down.”

Addendum: Novels by Carl Peters, now available on Amazon Kindle, above right:

Victory – Heroes are sometimes found in the most unusual places. Victory is the short story about a boy’s daydreams and how he learned “the secret formula of how to make his dreams come true” from a most unusual friend. Victory is an animated adventure for the whole family.

The Tallest Angel – The inspirational family adventure novel based on the short story, Victory. This family story takes over where Victory ends, that is, AFTER RICHIE WAKES UP from his dream adventure! A fun story, part real life, part Disney-like animated fantasy, woven together to surely charm the kid in each of us.

Solo – A twenty-four year old Christian woman, Joy, is tempted to stray from her Lord. But through a series of unique, heaven-sent events she is befriended by Paul, an older man who steps in as the father figure she’s not had for nine years. As their father – daughter relationship develops, Paul gives Joy much-needed wholesome Christian advice about life.

Transgression – Definitely an edgy John Grisham type novel. The story of a sinful preacher and the terrible consequences his sin brings upon his church family. The amazing part of this story is how the Lord eventually brings out the silver lining from the darkest storm clouds. This story is powerful, at times overwhelming, yet gentle in it’s application of God’s truths.

About Carl Peters

Carl Peters set his hand and heart to write in the early ‘90s, producing three novels and one novella through those years. Due to discouragement and a business venture or two, he put his love for words, and his novels, on the shelf for a few years. Midway through the last decade Carl, then in his mid 60s, made the decision to again take up the electronic pen, dust off the old manuscripts, and spin the merry go round one more time, this time reaching eager readers through the marvel and openness of digital publishing. Several years ago Carl lost his sweet wife of 47 years to cancer. The road would have been hard and lonely without her, had it not been for their five children and nine grandchildren, who have both comforted him and kept him running at full speed! On January 12th, 2011 the Lord brought Carl a sweet new bride. This pair is as opposite as “night and day” (oh my, a cliche) but with the Lord between them, holding their hands, they are perfect for one another! More about this couple in their blog and also in a forthcoming novel. And life goes on.
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