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I Forgot!

For those who might also like the written version:


With intense study I have finally come to the conclusion that—I am a senior citizen!

I do believe, however, that I am a sharp and sexy senior citizen.

Problem is, I seem to have lost the sharp and sexy qualities somewhere along the way and I can’t remember for the life of me where they are,

Nor can I find my backup car keys … the ones I look for when I’ve lost my first set. (don’t ask.)

Nor do I remember to wear my teeth from time to time,

Nor can I find the TV remote once in a while … by the TV? beside my arm chair? on the table? on the counter? by my computer? etc. (Oh, and I forgot … in the car sometimes?)

Don’t even get me started on forgotten passwords.

And then there are the lists my wife writes up to remind me of the things I need to find or “Honey do” chores I need to tackle. (I know where her lists are … sometimes I just forget to look at them. Wink!)

There is a simple answer to it all though. I just ask the Lord for help finding the things I’ve lost or to remind me of things I should do.

All this self-confession reminds me of a serious memory problem most Christians face.

Many times we forget to love others, by forgetting to pray for them. Asking the Lord to meet all of their spiritual, physical and material needs.

So since I forget other things, how do I remember who and what to pray for? I keep a notebook with prayer lists. Make it a habit for one month and you won’t forget it!

And the most important thing to remember is, ask the Lord to share the fullness of His heart with us. He never forgets His children.

But there is one thing that God has totally forgotten. That is … our sin!

And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. (Hebrews 10:17.)

Christ loves you and we love you too,

Carl and Susan

About Carl Peters

Carl Peters set his hand and heart to write in the early ‘90s, producing three novels and one novella through those years. Due to discouragement and a business venture or two, he put his love for words, and his novels, on the shelf for a few years. Midway through the last decade Carl, then in his mid 60s, made the decision to again take up the electronic pen, dust off the old manuscripts, and spin the merry go round one more time, this time reaching eager readers through the marvel and openness of digital publishing. Several years ago Carl lost his sweet wife of 47 years to cancer. The road would have been hard and lonely without her, had it not been for their five children and nine grandchildren, who have both comforted him and kept him running at full speed! On January 12th, 2011 the Lord brought Carl a sweet new bride. This pair is as opposite as “night and day” (oh my, a cliche) but with the Lord between them, holding their hands, they are perfect for one another! More about this couple in their blog and also in a forthcoming novel. And life goes on.
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