Early Thanksgiving.

Who really won the presidential election?

On the surface, we might say that Donald Trump won the election. He worked hard, speaking to millions across the country, stirring them to believe America could be great again.  He received many more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton and probably more popular votes also, if you subtract the three million or so suspected dishonest votes cast for her by non-citizen illegal aliens.

Then there are those who believe it was a combination of the main-stream media, the pollsters, the Department of Justice, Obama himself, many liberal–global voices from around the world, various little green left–wing men from the back side of Mars and seemingly wacko women from Venus, all conniving with the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign that made the average American voter angry enough to actually vote. It was about time!

And of course, we could throw in the “Never Trump” Republican elites and disenchanted evangelicals, many of whom were acting, as far as I’m concerned, as though they had been so holy and pious in their before-Jesus life that He didn’t even have to die for their sins … because they never had any!!! (As they compare themselves to Donald Trump.)

Most of these reasons were probably a few of the tools that were used to bring the desired (or dreaded) results that met the world early Wednesday morning. Satan had thrown everything he could gather at Mr. Trump but by the morning after the election it was abundantly clear that our Lord had defeated the forces of Satan once again.

There are many of us who are truly born again Christians who know beyond doubt why Donald Trump became the new president elect of the USA. We believe the Lord Himself said some time ago:

“Yes, America is slipping away into the cesspools of sin and evil. My children, who are called by my name, are not humbling themselves, nor praying, nor seeking My face, nor turning from their wicked ways. These things they must do for Me to hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14.) “My body, My bride, the church is mostly apostate. They no longer stand out from the world. The pulpits are cold, void of My power, My voice.

“My church has wandered away into the sewers and cesspools of the world. Many are in bed with the world because they have learned to love the world and the things thereof. Therefore, their love of the Father has grown cold. Sin abounds!” (1 John 2:15.) “They are casting away the old foundations and are seeking what pleases them rather than what pleases Me!

“But I am not quite ready yet to send America to the trash heap of history. I have souls there to gather into My kingdom. Unlike Sodom and Gomorrah where I could not find even ten righteous people” (Genesis 18:32.), “there are many more righteous people in America who are my children and for their sake I am going to raise them up as prayer warriors. I will fill them with My Spirit of intercession, set them to praying with their whole heart, then I will answer their prayers and take this election in My own hands and bring the outcome I have chosen. And that will only be the beginning of my work of revival.”

So, Christian, don’t stop praying for America. God is not done yet; He is just getting started. Trust the Lord to know what He is doing, even choosing Donald Trump. Remember, God did not choose Mr. Trump to be the new pastor of the American congregation! God chose him to be president.

God will work His own plan for America and the world, one step at a time. For this election result and all that God has planned for the future, we are thankful.

Love and prayers,

Carl and Sue — in His hands.

PS: So, who won the election? The Lord, of course. He rigged the whole thing!!! 😉

About Carl Peters

Carl Peters set his hand and heart to write in the early ‘90s, producing three novels and one novella through those years. Due to discouragement and a business venture or two, he put his love for words, and his novels, on the shelf for a few years. Midway through the last decade Carl, then in his mid 60s, made the decision to again take up the electronic pen, dust off the old manuscripts, and spin the merry go round one more time, this time reaching eager readers through the marvel and openness of digital publishing. Several years ago Carl lost his sweet wife of 47 years to cancer. The road would have been hard and lonely without her, had it not been for their five children and nine grandchildren, who have both comforted him and kept him running at full speed! On January 12th, 2011 the Lord brought Carl a sweet new bride. This pair is as opposite as “night and day” (oh my, a cliche) but with the Lord between them, holding their hands, they are perfect for one another! More about this couple in their blog and also in a forthcoming novel. And life goes on.
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